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Director Candidate Profile - Race 1
4-Year Term

Anthony Kardoes

Anthony Kardoes
Titonka, IA

Birth Year: 1966

Business Experience: Farming including row crops, contract swine nursery and custom farming; and formerly Director of Nutrition Operations, The Maschhoffs, pig producer

FCSAmerica Business Relationships with Family Members: Shelly Kardoes, my spouse, Nathan Kardoes, our son, and Kardoes Farms, a family farm corporation

Education: Bachelor of Science degrees in Agricultural Business and Economics from Iowa State University

Current Boards: None

Candidate Description of Business Knowledge and/or Education in the Following Areas:

Strategic Planning: As the Director of Nutrition Operations at The Maschhoffs, I was responsible for operation of company feed mills and associated toll mills, operational budgets, ingredient procurement projects and operational and financial planning. Previously, I was responsible for planning and scheduling product through the Snap-On Tools manufacturing plant.

Corporate Governance/Organizational Leadership: As Chief Operating Officer at Blackjack Pork, I was responsible for overall operations of the sow pork production system.

Financial Reporting: At The Maschhoffs, I was responsible for operating budgets and monitoring financial performance.

Business Technology: We currently use SMS farm mapping systems, Auto-Steer, variable rate technology, QuickBooks Pro accounting software, Excel, Word and several grain trading platforms and market charting programs for our farming operations.

Risk Management: I manage our hedge position to control risk of farm production for our farming operations and have previous experience as a wheat pit trader on the Kansas City Board of Trade for Cargill, Inc.

Human Resource Management: I have lead teams in my roles at The Maschhoffs, Blackjack Pork, as well as for the Kardoes Farms and Oak Pork operations.