From marketing our products to responding to the needs of our producers, the lending team is in direct contact with our customers. Positions include: retail financial officers, Agribusiness Finance officers, closing specialists, customer service specialists, AgDirect® processing, insurance specialists and home loans processing.
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Crop Insurance

An integral part of our Lending team, insurance specialists and analysts offer risk management products and post-sale customer service to producers. Positions include: insurance specialists, insurance account specialists and insurance analysts.
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Information Technology

Without the Information Technology team, we wouldn't be able to have and maintain our strong customer relationships and business strategies. Positions include: programmers, developers, business analysts, data analysts, technical support and systems administrators.
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From appraisals to underwriting, Credit team members work with our producers to provide financing and manage the loan process. Positions include: appraisers, retail credit underwriters, Agribusiness Finance credit underwriters and Credit and Resolutions underwriters.
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Accounting and Finance

This team manages accounting operations at Farm Credit Services of America, from loans and leases for producers to the internal accounting at the company. Positions include: loan accounting specialist, finance specialist, assistant treasurer and accounts payable specialist.
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Corporate Services

Corporate Services includes a wide range of functions across the organization. Teams include: Public Relations and Marketing, Organizational Development and Learning, Facilities and Human Resources.
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We offer paid internships for students at various Farm Credit Services of America locations for 10 weeks during the summer. Specific openings will be posted when they become available.
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Farm Credit Services of America's Culture

We are a great place to work. You see it in our people and the relationships they have with each other and our customers. Their passion and commitment to serving both rural America and each other is key to our success in the marketplace. That is why we seek highly motivated, positive-thinking people who foster honesty and integrity – the core values behind who we are, how we work and how we treat others. Truth and ethics allow us not only to be proud of our success, but also to be proud of the way it was achieved.

We strongly believe our core values and shared beliefs represent the best way to lead with a changing future in our unique business environment. While our senior leaders are actively involved, knowledgeable and hands-on, leadership is everyone’s business at Farm Credit Services of America. All employees are expected to practice and continually aspire to exemplary leadership by modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, enabling others to act and encouraging the heart.

Our business is constantly changing and evolving. Our success relies on maintaining and enhancing specialty skills and knowledge. We also provide financial support to those pursuing higher education. Ongoing learning is key to our future success both as individuals and as a company.

We listen to our employees. Each year, we ask for input on leadership, our programs, our work environment and employee satisfaction to help us gauge how well we are meeting our employee’s needs and identify where improvements are needed.

We get excited about every success that makes a difference. We celebrate unique contributions and achievements through our “Difference Maker” award program and competitive compensation. Everyday employees choose to be their best and are often rewarded by their peers for exhibiting outstanding performance and extraordinary effort.

We want our employees to feel their workplace is personally fulfilling, professionally challenging and financially rewarding. We also respect their personal life. We offer flexible work hours, wellness programs and other benefits that balance work and personal life. We include team building and fun in our work environment through activities and events.

Each year, team members from across our Associations work together to proudly produce our annual TEAM publication. As you view the images, you will get a glimpse into our culture through the hundreds of photos of our teammates having fun and giving back in their communities. Our culture is very important and every day we endeavor to protect and strengthen it. Click to view this year's TEAM publication.

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