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Tyler & Tiffany Petrak
J-P Partnership
Grain, Variety Crop & Beef Producers
Martin, SD
Customers since 2004

Why we chose agriculture

I was working in the construction business with a consistent income while Tiffany stayed home with the kids. When the opportunity came to move home and farm with Tiffany’s family, it was an easy decision.

Our greatest challenge

We have a severe lack of labor available for hire. It is by far our number one challenge. The weather is always a challenge – our crops were hailed on twice this year.

How I prepared myself for agricultural business

My bachelor’s degree was in agriculture, and I attend educational seminars when I can. We also have a network of knowledgeable people around us.

Our business approach

It’s simple: work hard, be honest and have a sense of humor. That’s what Tiffany’s grandfather taught us, and we’ve found it to really be true.

How we know we’re heading in the right direction

We’re experimenting and getting better at documenting how we’re doing throughout the year. The idea is to not wait until tax time to gauge profitability.

The future of our operation

We plan to expand the enterprises that require the least amount of labor and shift our emphasis to livestock vs. farming. We also want to provide our children the opportunity to come back to the operation if they choose to do so.

What we enjoy about farming

We love working with family on a daily basis.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

We really value that their business is solely focused on agriculture. The people we work with know the agriculture industry, and they visit us out on our farm. We bounce ideas off them to get a different perspective. They’ve even helped make a connection that led to buying pasture so we could expand the beef-cow enterprise.

Tyler & Tiffany Petrak