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Terry Marshall
Marshall Brothers
Grain Producers
Hitchcock, SD
Customer since 1985

Why I chose agriculture

I was raised on a farm, and my dad and my brothers were farming. When I got out of school I had farming in my blood. It just seemed natural.

My biggest challenge

My biggest challenge day to day is marketing – what’s the right price to sell?

The future of our business

I don’t think we will grow so much anymore, but we’ll focus on making our land more productive. We have some spots that seem to stay wet, and we’ll work to improve drainage. We’re already using variable rate technology so we apply the right seed and fertilizer to match the soils.

What I enjoy most about farming

I do the spraying and the combining. I enjoy watching the crops grow and the harvest coming in.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

The rates are good, it’s nice to get that cash-back dividend check, and it’s always good to be part of the ownership. They keep us informed when grounds come up for rent or sale, and we appreciate that.

Terry Marshall