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Shad & Lacey
Grain & Beef Producers
Iroquois, South Dakota
Customers Since 2010

How I got started in agriculture

When I was in grade school, I remember riding with Dad in the tractor when he said, “I think you need to have your first cow.” I bought my first cow and slowly grew from there.

Our greatest challenge

I would say the biggest challenge in the future is marketing. There’s a lot of uncertainty, but working with our FCSAmerica team helps us get through these challenging times.

What I’ve learned

Always keep accurate records, and keep all of that paperwork in line. You may be able to work your tail off and get everything done, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t know where your operation stands financially. That’s so critical nowadays.

Why I work with FCSAmerica

It makes me sleep better at night knowing I have such a strong team backing me. And, if I ever have any questions, I don’t have to depend on only one person. You can ask anybody. They are all very helpful.

What I enjoy most about farming

Working together. Every day is a challenge. Some days are bad, but most of them are good. And we always get to go home to our families. Those are successful days.

“Ag-Friendly” Team

Mark and Shad know the importance to their business of working with partners who understand agriculture. That’s why their FCSAmerica team is a key part of their operation.

Larson  - Growing MarketplaceGrowing into a New Marketplace

Mark and Shad once marketed cattle only locally. Today, they’ve been able to grow their operation by marketing cattle nationally, as well as locally, a transition that was made possible by technology and access to market information.

Larson  - Flexible FinancingFlexible Financing Is Important To Us

Though Mark and Shad are meticulous planners when it comes to marketing their cattle, market conditions and the demands of agriculture sometimes create the need for the financing flexibility that FCSAmerica provides.

Larson - Steady ForceA Steadying Force In Uncertain Times

Despite a challenging marketplace, Mark says working together with his FCSAmerica team gives him the confidence that his operation will survive and thrive until more prosperous market times return.