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Ryan & Amy
Grain and Beef Producers
Customers since 2006

How we got started in agriculture

Ryan: To start, I was working in town building kitchen cabinets. One day a neighbor called and asked if I wanted to buy half of his cattle operation and step in doing the labor. I was also in the custom baling business and I had started to pick up ground that I rented from local neighbors who had retired. I never expected to be where we are today.

What success looks like for our farm and family

Amy: We’ve been busy between the kids, Ryan farming and me working as a small animal veterinarian. I’m sure it’s like that for every family. I think success is making a decent living while being able to enjoy life and what you have.

Using FCSAmerica’s digital tools

Ryan: FCSAmerica is on the forefront, technology-wise. We were working on a loan for some heifers and we couldn’t get over to the office, so they sent us an email for an e-signature and that worked really well for us. It saved us a 50 to 60 mile trip each way.

Our biggest challenge

Ryan: Every day is a new challenge. You wake up expecting to do one thing and then you might be on the totally opposite end of the spectrum. You never know what the day is going to bring. FCSAmerica always steps up to help.

They know the challenges we face

Ryan sees value in the ag expertise that Farm Credit provides.

Ryan & Amy - excellent helping outThey’ve been excellent helping out

Ryan describes the added value of getting a quick response to his crop insurance needs.

Ryan & Amy - Plan togetherWe come up with a plan together

Amy and Ryan use their financial officer as a sounding board for new ventures.