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Richard & Donna Venteicher
Venteicher Dairy
Dairy Producers
Strawberry Point, IA
Customer since 1980

Why I chose agriculture

I started feeding calves as a kid, and developed a love for growing and caring for them. By high school I had my mind made up I wanted to dairy.

How I prepared myself for agricultural business

I go to workshops whenever I can, attend World Dairy Expo, and look at what other successful dairy producers are doing.

Our business approach

Run an operation that will provide income for me and the next generation. We need to keep being profitable so our family can continue to make a living here.

The future of our operation

Our goal is to grow our dairy at a profitable, sustainable and comfortable rate. Our two sons and a nephew have returned to the farm. Our family’s vision is to advance the farm’s use of technology by better capturing and using data and assessing it over time. The future generation also plans to grow the cow herd through either robotics or a different parlor system.

What I enjoy about farming

I most like working with the livestock.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

We have good relationships with their people, and they offer competitive interest rates with good financing terms. The cash-back dividends have been a big influence for us to stay with them.

Farm Credit Services of America wishes to acknowledge the loss of Donna Venteicher. On behalf of our employees, we express our most sincere and heartfelt sympathy to Richard and the Venteicher family.

Doug Stark
President and CEO
Farm Credit Services of America

Richard & Donna Venteicher