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Peter & Sue
Sheep & Cattle Ranchers
Rock Springs, Wyoming
Customers since 1958

Why we chose agriculture

Working in agriculture the way we do presents challenges on multiple levels – with the animals, labor, government involvement, and, like everyone else, the weather. The variety means I don’t have to do the same thing for more than 15 minutes at a time if I don’t want to.

The future of our operation

Our sheep business has a great potential for growth because not many other people want to do what it takes to make it a going business. Our livestock are on grass 365 days a year, and we need to monitor the herds as they move about 175 miles during the year, from northwest to southeast Wyoming. We’re committed to doing things like that.

What we enjoy about ranching

We love working with the livestock, the breeding and the genetics. It’s more of an art than a science – you have to have a feel for it. There’s something new every day. And our kids are not playing video games – they are out here working with us, and that builds their sense of worth. Plus, they can ride for 30 miles and see nothing made by humans. This is the American outback.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

Our family has been with Farm Credit for 55 years, and we appreciate the consistency and continuity of the service we get. They’ve always kept us in business through the good and the bad. They are cautious but they have supported us branching out into other areas. We trust them and their knowledge of our business.

Peter & Sue Arambel