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Nick & Katie
Grain and Turkey Producers
Customer since 2008

Why I came back to the farm

I’m a fifth-generation farmer and I graduated college in 2006. Growing up on the farm I enjoyed the diversity of the work. Probably the biggest reason I came back was to work with family.

How our farm has changed

Fifteen years ago we got our first tractor with autosteer. That was just the tip of the iceberg on how technology changed both our grain and livestock operation. We’ve had to adapt to those industry changes and find new profitable solutions to our problems.

Advice to young and beginning farmers

Keep a rainy-day fund available and build your working capital. Agriculture is a cyclical game. You have to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

They’re honest with us

Nick may be a young producer, but he has a long-term familiarity with Farm Credit. He trusts their expertise and honesty.

Nick & Katie - understand our businessThey understand our business

FCSAmerica’s ag expertise saves Nick time and frustration.

Nick & Katie - ownership in his lenderWith Farm Credit, we’ve got “skin in the game”

Nick likes having ownership in his lender.