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Michael and Jeanie
Grain and Livestock Producers
North Platte, Nebraska
Customers Since 1980

Why we work with FCSAmerica

(Michael) Their people are in touch with the industry and what we do here, so we don’t have to educate them about our business. They’re good people to have on our team. We have a very busy, growing operation and FCSAmerica has grown with us. We’ve really been pleased to have them on board with us.

Working with the right team

(Jeanie) Working as a team is so essential to the whole operation. Every member of our team does what they do best – we need that from people to make our team possible. FCSAmerica is a huge part of our operation’s team, because they’re our backup support and they’re what makes the rest of our team work together well.

Our greatest challenge

(Michael) The biggest challenge is bringing new family members into the operation and getting the whole thing to gel. Everyone has a different skillset and different talents, but it’s hard to predict exactly how everyone will work together. I think it’s important to take it one day at a time and not expect everything to work perfectly.

Bringing in the next generation

(Jeanie) The boys have just taken on bigger roles, and have filled important roles. They help us with the technology side of the operation, the part that we aren’t as apt to understand as well.

What I’ve learned

(Michael) Families are the backbone of agriculture. It’s just a night-and-day difference having our sons working into the operation. In this area, it’s extremely hard to find good employees, and when you bring on others who are part of the family and have a vested interest in the business, the plusses definitely outweigh the minuses. If you can operate with the family and utilize equipment and resources together, it just really makes the whole thing work better and more efficiently.

Historic Homestead

Michael feels fortunate to farm the land settled by his immigrant grandfather a century ago. Michael and Jeanie hope their work today will sustain the family operation well into the future.

FCSAmerica-starWhy We Work With FCSAmerica

The benefit of doing business with Farm Credit Services of America isn’t limited to Michael and Jeanie. Everyone on the family farm team perform better because of support from FCSAmerica.

expansion-starHelp With Expansion

A recent cattle feedyard expansion was a long, complicated process for the family. Working with their Farm Credit Services of America team made that process easier and allowed the family to accomplish their growth goals.