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Matt & Jenny
Beef Producers
Brewster, Nebraska
Customers since about 2006

How we got our start in agriculture

Jenny: We started dating in high school, and our whole life plan was to move out West and have a ranch of our own. We didn’t have a very solid plan, but we weren’t afraid to work hard, start small and make it happen. Our off-farm jobs set us up financially to work toward our dream. I was a city girl, and then an acreage girl. Now I’m becoming a ranch girl.

Our greatest challenge

Matt: Deciding where to spend our time is definitely a challenge. Between the cattle, repairs or going to work to make a little cash, there’s always more work that needs to be done than man hours.

Our advice to other young and beginning farmers

Jenny: Don’t be afraid to rely on the expertise of others. We tried to muddle through it ourselves for a while, but we’re more efficient now that we have a team of experts we can depend on.

Our vision for the future

Matt: I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to grow. There’s a lot of things I’d like to work on and improve to make the ranch more profitable. I always wanted to do this, but I never thought it would be possible.

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