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Marv & Joy Post
Dairy & Grain Producers
Volga, SD
Customers Since 1987

Why we chose agriculture

Our goal was to be involved in production agriculture because it’s so important – now each farmer feeds 155 other people.

Our business's future

We have four married children and 12 grandchildren and many of them are interested in production agriculture, so we will continue to grow our business.

What we do in our spare time

Agriculture is the number one industry in South Dakota, and we’re involved in the South Dakota Dairy Association as well as with Ag United, which aims to help family farms keep growing.

What we enjoy about farming

We’re very pleased that the next generation and the one after that have so much interest in production agriculture. Our industry will be in good hands with the young people coming next.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

A farm came up for sale and my son was interested. We called our financial officer on a Friday. He was at our place that afternoon, and we made the purchase Saturday morning. They make decisions fast.

Marv and Joy Post