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Mark & Gayle
Grain & Beef Producers
Iroquois, South Dakota
Customers Since 2010

How FCSAmerica has helped our business evolve

We’re not just concentrating on the local cattle market anymore. We can’t operate that way -- it’s national now. Without FCSAmerica’s technology and the information they provide, we’d be in a bubble. We’d be at the mercy of our local market.

Our business approach

I give Shad a lot of room to make decisions on his own. We work as a team – there’s a connection with our FCSAmerica financial officer, too. We lean on each other to succeed.

How FCSAmerica helps us meet our greatest challenges

Right now, the markets are really challenging and I don’t know when things are going to loosen up. FCSAmerica is the right partner to get through the tough times, because they will stick with you until the markets get better. The future is a guess, but I feel confident working with FCSAmerica.

My greatest challenge

Right now, market prices are really challenging us, and I don’t know when they are going to turn around. We are trying to not do anything foolish and ride out these low prices. That’s one way FCSAmerica is such a great partner. They will stick with us until things get better.

What we enjoy most about farming

The thing I like most is working together with Shad. We have our good days and bad days, but we work really well together. Every morning, we have a meeting and decide what needs to be done that day, and away we go.

“Ag-Friendly” Team

Mark and Shad know the importance to their business of working with partners who understand agriculture. That’s why their FCSAmerica team is a key part of their operation.

Larson  - Growing MarketplaceGrowing into a New Marketplace

Mark and Shad once marketed cattle only locally. Today, they’ve been able to grow their operation by marketing cattle nationally, as well as locally, a transition that was made possible by technology and access to market information.

Larson  - Flexible FinancingFlexible Financing Is Important To Us

Though Mark and Shad are meticulous planners when it comes to marketing their cattle, market conditions and the demands of agriculture sometimes create the need for the financing flexibility that FCSAmerica provides.

Larson - Steady ForceA Steadying Force In Uncertain Times

Despite a challenging marketplace, Mark says working together with his FCSAmerica team gives him the confidence that his operation will survive and thrive until more prosperous market times return.