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Jim D. Neiman
Timber & Cattle Producer
Hulett, WY; Spearfish & Hill City, SD
Customer Since 1997

Why I chose agriculture

I started working with my father when I was 6 years old. At home we had cows and chickens and chores to do. So I grew up in this business.

How I prepared for my career

Along with my on-the-job training, I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a major in range management and a forestry emphasis, and minored in business administration.

Our business approach

There’s no standing still: you are either going up or going down. So we see tough periods as a time to evaluate opportunities for expansion.

How I see our future

When I took over operations, I told my father I wanted to continue the family business for at least two more generations. So I’m not looking at the next year or five years. I’m looking out 25 and 50 years and making decisions for that timeframe.

How I spend my free time

I have made a commitment to help our next generation get a balanced education, so I have served on the board of trustees for the University of Wyoming the last 11 years.

Why I work with FCSAmerica

When we work with a lender, we want more than just a loan. We want them involved as a partner on our professional advisory team. That’s what I get with FCSAmerica.

Jim D. Neiman