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Jeremy and Angie
Grain & Livestock Producers
Customers Since 2012

How I got started in agriculture

(Jeremy) I always knew I wanted to become a farmer. I went to college for a year, got away from the farm and realized the city just wasn’t for me. Dad had retired and I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to be able to come back and start farming. Luckily, he was able to help me get started, pick up farm ground and build a hog barn.

Our business approach

(Jeremy) I try to be as conservative as I can be in today’s environment. We have to continue to grow, but do so within our means. Even though things are financially tight with the ag economy right now, we are always looking at ways to improve our operation. I feel like FCSAmerica is there to support us. They want to help us, and they want us to succeed.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

(Angie) Our financial officer is about our age and has his own young family. He understands our situation and our operation. It’s a huge benefit to work with someone who knows us so well. He’s our friend and business partner.

Our greatest future challenge

(Jeremy) I think the biggest challenge in growing a farm operation today is that market prices and expenses are such huge factors. I feel like being diversified in our farming operation will be huge in the future. If corn and soybeans aren’t making us money, hopefully the cow-calf herd will be.

What we enjoy most about farming

(Angie) It’s priceless to watch our boys mimic every step Jeremy takes out on the farm. They want to do exactly what he does. I just sit back and think, “Wow, this is our family!” Growing up in town, I never would have dreamed I would live on a farm, but it is working out just fine.

Living A Childhood Dream

Jeremy is living his childhood dream in raising crops, livestock and two sons with his wife on their family’s operation in Iowa.

achieving-stanglAchieving Our Dream

Farm Credit Services of America’s people, programs and services are helping Jeremy and Angie achieve the lifelong dream of operating a family farm in Iowa.

managing-stanglManaging Through Tight Financial Times

Jeremy has worked with FCSAmerica since he began farming, and even as market prices have fallen and margins have tightened, his FCSAmerica team has stuck by him to ensure his operation’s viability well into the future.

helpingus-stanglHelping Us Succeed

Jeremy is always looking for ways to improve and grow his operation, and his FCSAmerica team helps him find the right opportunities to succeed.

trustedpartners-stanglTrusted Business Partners

Jeremy enjoys working with the entire FCSAmerica teams, and sees FCSAmerica as a major asset to his growing operation. He appreciates the professional yet personal relationship he has with his financial officer.

challenges-stanglChallenges of Growing a Farm Today

By diversifying the family farm operation and keeping a close eye on expenses, Jeremy and Angie are able to stay ahead of bearish crop and livestock markets, their greatest challenge today.

timesavingtools-stanglTime Saving Tools

Angie and Jeremy save a lot of time by using FCSAmerica’s AgriPoint® and mobile app to help manage the operation’s finances.