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Jeff & Maggie Jesina
Salt Creek Farms
Grain & Pork Producers
Toledo, IA
Customer since 2002

Why I chose agriculture

I grew up working on the farm. It’s still fun coming to work every day.

Our greatest challenge

Marketing grain is a constant challenge.

How I prepared myself for agricultural business

Growing up, I watched my family closely. I attended Kirkwood Community College after high school and learned more about precision agriculture technologies to help advance our operation.

The future of our business

It’s no surprise that we want to get better and bigger. I’d like to give my kids the opportunity to farm if they want to.

Interests outside of farming

We’re into all sports, especially football. We’re also involved in our church.

What I enjoy about farming

I like the freedom of being my own boss and being outside each day.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

I started working with FCSAmerica because my parents worked with them. I personally chose them because they have good rates, good service and they understand agriculture – it’s really a package deal. They are more like a partner – not just a lender. We also love the cash-back dividend program.

Jeff & Maggie Jesina