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Jared & Michaela
Grain and Poultry Producers
Customers since 2012

Coming home to the farm

I started farming in 2013 when I graduated from college. I thought about pursuing other career choices, but as I got closer to graduating I was pretty set on farming. I’m glad I made the decision to come back and work with family.

FCSAmerica and the next generation

FCSAmerica has helped me slowly build my farm by helping me finance my chicken barn. They really focus on the younger generation and helping me find ways to make good investments for my farm and my family.

Overcoming challenges with technology

The biggest challenge for me is trying to manage the financial side of farming. Newer technology coming in is making that easier. Farm Credit is keeping up with other businesses and the millennial generation by helping us monitor every little aspect of the farm right from our fingertips.

Farm Credit has helped me build my farm from nothing

The financing and guidance Jared gets from Farm Credit is helping him get established in agriculture.

Technology I NeedFarm Credit has the technology I need

Jared says keeping track of his ag finances is easy with Farm Credit’s online tools. “All of it is in your pocket.”