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Jake and James
Livestock Producers
Customers since 2010

Why we work with FCSAmerica

(James) We have such a good working relationship with our financial officer. A couple of years ago, I was hedging some cattle and the market just kept going through crazy swings. I had the cattle protected, but in order to keep up with the margin call, I needed more money. They understand our business so well, and all I had to do is make a phone call and I knew we were going to be in good shape. That’s a perfect example of why we work with FCSAmerica.

The future of our industry

(James) I think we face a huge challenge in agriculture today in getting the next generation started, getting them access to the capital and land to get established, and making enough money to sustain operations.

What I enjoy most about farming

(James) It’s a great way of life, and a great place to raise our family. I love being tied to the land. Not very many people can say they can involve their whole family in their business, but we can. We’re just blessed to be here.

Built For Ag

The Jake and James consider Farm Credit Services of America to be their most trusted financial partner because its teams of lenders understand agriculture and the myriad factors affecting their marketplace.

Couldnt Wait - WasserburgerCouldn’t Wait to Come Back and Farm

James grew up working on his family’s western Nebraska ranch. He jumped at the opportunity to return to the farm to work alongside his father, Jake.

Family Relationship - WasserburgerA Family Relationship

Products and services brought the Jake and James to Farm Credit Services of America. The relationship of trust they have developed with their FCSAmerica team is why they remain customer-owners.

Its A Way of Life - WasserburgerIt’s A Way of Life

For Jake and James, raising livestock binds them to the land, making their operation not just a family business but also a way of life.

Biggest Challenges - WasserburgerOur Biggest Challenges

With so many factors influencing livestock markets around the world, marketing has become the greatest challenge for the family.

Faster Decisions - WasserburgerFaster Decisions with Digital Tools

Agriculture is a high-tech, fast-moving business, and Jake and James depend on Farm Credit Services of America’s digital tools to help them make the right business decisions for their operation.