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Curtis & Marla
Grain & Beef Producers
Oconto, Nebraska
Customer since 2006

Why we chose agriculture

We both grew up in ag; our families farmed and raised cattle. (Marla) I came from an operation that focused more on the cow/calf side and Curtis’ family’s emphasis was on row crops. We’ve brought both of those together in our operation. We like that every day is different and it’s a good way to spend time with our kids.

How we prepared ourselves for agricultural business

We both have bachelor’s degrees from the college of agriculture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which provided a good foundation. We’ve farmed 18 years now, so we’ve learned by doing. We also attend seminars and meetings put on by FCSAmerica and the Nebraska Cattlemen. Marla has her crop insurance and insurance licenses, which has made us more knowledgeable.

Our greatest challenge

It’s difficult to find additional acres to farm. It’s very competitive and being younger, it can be hard to compete with more-established farmers for renting and buying ground.

The future of our operation

Our goal is to capture opportunities for growth and maintain our current pace of growth. We created a motto: “Combining strong traditions in agriculture to build a legacy that future generations can stand on.” We want to offer our kids the ability to come back if they want. That really drives us.

What we enjoy most about farming

We enjoy the challenge of managing the farm and keeping it all headed in the right direction. We like the independence of making our own choices and seeing the results. We try to instill a strong work ethic in our kids. We’re training them to be advocates for agriculture.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

FCSAmerica gets to know their customers. It’s the people and the service that make us feel at home there. Our financial officer grew up on a ranch, so she’s been in our shoes. When we have an opportunity we’re considering, she’ll give us ideas on how we can accomplish it.

Local banks can have lending limits and as our operation expanded, we realized we had more opportunity with FCSAmerica. They have more products they can offer us, like crop insurance, and they are very competitive on rates.

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