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Chris & Jenna
Grain and Turkey Producers
Customers since 2008

Seizing new opportunities

When I got out of school I did something else for a couple of years before I was asked to be a part of my wife’s family farm. I didn’t grow up farming. I knew it was a really good opportunity that doesn’t come along for everybody.

Our business philosophy

You can’t move forward and grow the operation without taking a risk, but you have to keep in mind you can also go broke doing that. Since we’re a family operation, there’s a line of what we can all handle and still be able to sleep at night. It’s a blend of being conservative without coasting, but risky enough to build a better farm for the next generation.

Setting our priorities

Our biggest challenge is figuring out what our priorities are on a day-to-day basis. Every day there are little fires that need to be put out. The key is to not get so lost in the little things that we forget to look forward and move in the direction of our larger strategy and goals.

I feel like they’d do anything for you

Ease of doing business is important to Chris, which explains why he appreciates the personal service he gets from FCSAmerica.

Chris & Jenna - online tools easyTheir online tools just make it easy

The convenience of online tools helps Chris track his FCSAmerica accounts.