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Bryce Vigil
Partner, Michael Vigil Farms
Crop Producer
Manderson, Wyoming
Customers Since 2011

Why I chose agriculture

Growing up, I worked on our family farm. I’ve always had fun doing it and I like being outside as much as I can.

How I prepared

I studied ag business and farm and ranch management in college. Even though I’ve always been involved in our family farm operation, I did learn a few new things in college that have helped us become more efficient.

The future of our operation

I see growth and continued focus on efficiency in the future. We continue to adopt new technology, like irrigation systems and GPS on our tractors, and that’s saved us time and money. We’re short of water here, so we’re trying to build a reservoir that would help us during the dry times.

What I enjoy about farming

I really enjoy running the equipment. I also like to see the crops mature, to see how high we can get them to yield.

Why I work with FCSAmerica

They are ag people who really know what it takes to get the job done.

Bryce Vigil