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Bryan & Mindy
Grain & Beef Producers
Alpena, SD
Customer since 1999

Why I chose agriculture

I’ve been back on the farm since 1999 when I came home from vocational school in Watertown, South Dakota. Farming with family is something I always wanted to do. When I graduated, a close neighbor wanted to rent out his ground. It was perfect timing. My parents shared equipment with me and I provided labor in return.

How I keep up to speed with modern agriculture

I talk with people we do business with – agronomists, equipment dealers -- people like that. The internet is also a good resource.

Our greatest challenge

One of the bigger challenges of farming is dealing with the markets – the ups and downs. I use the past as a guide and talk with people that are in the business. I talk with marketing experts at elevators where we sell grain. I’ve learned to just go with what I think and not look back. It’s important to stay positive and trust that I made the right choice with the information I had.

My business approach

We put a lot of time in and when opportunities come along, I ask myself if it’s worth the effort. We always want to do a good job, and if I don’t think I can get the job done well, I probably don’t have the resources to take on the opportunity. But, if we can fit it in and make money, we’re not afraid to work.

Raising kids on the farm

My wife and I have six children. By raising them on the farm we can teach them a good work ethic and unity as a family. Equipment is so large anymore, it’s hard for kids to be involved. We have a few small animals for them to take care of so they are engaged in the farm.

What I’ve learned

A person can get really tied up in the day-to-day on the farm. If you aren’t careful, you can miss the whole reason we’re here – to spend time with family and do the things life brings along.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

I started with FCSAmerica when I came back to the farm in 1999. I needed an operating loan for the land I was renting. My parents had always been with FCSAmerica, so it was the only place I wanted to go. Over the years, we’ve built a relationship with FCSAmerica, and the people there are the reason I stay. We have a good relationship with our financial officer. He has a background in agriculture and knows what’s happening on our farm. The cash-back dividends aren’t the main reason we do business with them, but it’s nice to get that check. It’s really the icing on the cake.

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