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Bryan Buskirk
Grain Producer
Alliance, NE
Customer since 2013

Why I chose agriculture

My grandpa farmed, my dad farms and I have helped out on the farm for as long as I remember. I worked as a diesel mechanic for five years, but farming is in my blood and I like the idea that you can be your own boss.

My greatest challenge

In this environment we’re trying to be as efficient as we can. I think the best thing you can do to improve efficiency is to communicate, to make sure everyone involved in the operation is on the same page.

My business approach

I want to grow my operation. With so many farmers reaching retirement age, I hope to rent more ground and eventually buy land.

The future of my business

I think crop prices will bounce back over time, though maybe not to the levels we saw a few years ago.

Why I work with FCSAmerica

My dad works with FCSAmerica and he’s never had a complaint, so I went with them too. Everyone in the office knows who you are and greets you by name. Seems like I’ve known my financial officer forever – in fact, he was my little league baseball coach. The cash-back dividend this spring was a nice reminder that I’m not just a customer, but a customer-owner.

Bryan Buskirk