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Bruce Anderson
Buffalo Producer
Rapid City, South Dakota
Customer since 2009

Why I work with FCSAmerica

They actually anticipate our needs. There are times when I’ve been ready to call our financial officer and he’ll beat me to it.

Why I chose agriculture

I grew up on a ranch in western South Dakota, was interested in beef packing and tried to make a living in that business.

My preparation

I went to college and got a degree, but my real education started when I got into this business.

My business approach

We do our best to play the hand we’re dealt. We try to have flexibility. We can handle 100 animals a week or 200. We’re a hybrid ag business and we try to do what’s right by the product, for the producers and for the customers.

What I enjoy most

It’s fascinating to deal with a cutting-edge product. There’s no set path and it’s fun to make a new trail, like setting up markets.

Bruce Anderson