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Brett & Darcy Esau
Esau Farms LLC
Dairy & Grain Producers
Beatrice, Nebraska
Customers since 2008

Why I chose agriculture

I became invested in agriculture the moment I started walking. I followed my dad and grandpa around on the farm wanting to help. As I got older, family time became the time we spent together working on the family farm. It taught me the value of hard work.

How I prepared myself for agricultural business

I received a bachelor’s degree in business but I was interested in a formal agriculture education. Agriculture is my passion so the logical choice was to get a master’s degree in agricultural economics. I love the numbers part of farming. I am constantly reviewing anything that can impact the bottom line.

Our business approach

We were taught the value of hard work at a young age and place it at the core of our business approach. We also believe that relationships matter when it comes to expanding our farm. We want to make our landlords proud by being good stewards of the land. These relationships will help us grow our farm and remain competitive.

The future of our operation

We currently have four full-time jobs between our families. Our goal is to be able to farm on a full-time basis. We carefully evaluate opportunities to make sure they are the right ones to position ourselves favorably for the future.

Challenges we face and how FCSAmerica is able to assist us

We are on the forefront of technology but we don’t know what the next 20 years might bring. This is scary and exciting all at the same time. FCSAmerica understands the importance of technology and is always willing to listen to our ideas. They have the agriculture expertise, which makes it easier on us.

What I enjoy most about farming

It’s being outside and working alongside my dad and brother. I love being my own boss. I get to work the dirt and am directly involved with every decision to make the crops and dairy grow.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

It’s a service-based industry and no one can match what they provide. The products and services are superior. We get what we need in one place. They took a chance on us when we wanted to get started and have been a great partner ever since.

Brett & Darcy Esau