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Brenton & Justine Paxton
Brenton Paxton Farms
Corn, Sugar Beet & Barley Producers
Manderson, WY
Customers since 2007

Why we chose agriculture

Our family moved to a farm when I was in second grade. Then I started working for Justine’s dad in the 8th grade, and worked on several other farms during high school. For me, farming is an addiction and there is no cure.

The future of our operation

We’ll grow, but we need to get better at what we are doing before we get bigger. We added 100 acres this year and scrambled to get everything done.

Our vision for agriculture

We’ve seen the impact of technology in farming. Four years ago it was almost unheard of to have GPS on a tractor, and now it’s like having a front-end loader. For the family it helps keep us connected while we’re working. This year we face-timed with the kids on the first day of school. We think we’ll need to adopt more new technologies, and we’ll need to have more education to go with them.

Our idea of a good day is...

No equipment breakdowns ... and taking the products to market after we’ve worked all year to grow them. We’re so happy we can work together and our kids can be part of what we do.

Brenton & Justine Paxton