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Bob & Vicki
Grain and Beef Producers
Customers since 2002

Sharing responsibilities on the farm

Bob: We farm together. She does the bookwork and I do the labor. Because of that we both know what’s going on in the operation.

Our business approach

Vicki: Bob is the more conservative one. He has to think about things for a while before he will make a decision, and I’ll pencil it out to make sure that it’s going to work before he’ll move forward with it.

Our relationship with FCSAmerica

Bob: I think FCSAmerica listens to what we say when we want to try new things. They understand our operation is completely different than the next guy’s and that you can’t give the same advice to everybody.

What success looks like in our operation

Vicki: Success means we’ve grown as a family and as a couple in all the achievements we’ve made. We never thought from where we started that we would get what we have now. FCSAmerica was there behind us when we built the house, the buildings and the livestock herd.

Working with Farm Credit is seamless

Vicki describes how Farm Credit makes tracking their finances easier.

Bob & Vicki - Farm Credit behind usFarm Credit was there behind us

Vicki says Farm Credit played an important role in the success of their operation.

Bob & Vicki - Farm CreditFarm Credit makes farming easier

Bob says he’s not ready to quit farming yet. He says his relationship with Farm Credit helps make farming enjoyable.