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Ashli Jensen
Rocking T-J Farms
Grain, Variety Crop & Beef Producer
Alliance, NE
Customer since 2007

Why I chose agriculture

I grew up around farming. It’s something you either love or hate, and I just love it. There’s something different to do every day. I like to see things grow, whether it’s a kernel of seed corn or a baby calf. I take care of it all year, and then harvest it.

How I keep up to speed with modern agriculture

I read a lot of magazines and go to meetings when I can. But I rely on the Internet for all sorts of information, whether it’s a YouTube video about a new technique or an ag talk site.

Our biggest challenge

Dealing with the weather is a challenge. You have to be prepared for whatever comes.

The future of our operation

We want to be open to opportunities to acquire more land – it might not be today or tomorrow, but we have to be prepared financially. And we always keep working to improve our operational efficiency.

The future of agriculture

American farmers have a lot to do. We have to produce more – like 300-bushel corn or 150-bushel wheat – with fewer inputs, including labor.

What I enjoy most about farming

I think it’s the variety of work, since we do different things every day. I value the independence because I’m self-motivated and sometimes like to work alone. I feel satisfied when I get things accomplished.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

It’s good to do business with people who understand the cycles of agriculture and the needs of farmers. We have costs the year around and income at various times, and they just get it. With products like crop insurance, they come to us with ideas to improve our coverage or lower our premiums. They’ve always been responsive and if we do our homework and come in with a good idea, they are there for us.

Ashli Jensen