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Andy & Lisa
Grain & Beef Producers
Nemaha, IA
Customer since 2002

Why I chose agriculture

I decided at an early age that I wanted to return to the farm if the opportunity presented itself. I like how the business is run and being my own boss.

How I prepared myself for agricultural business

My preparation started when my brother and I were five and ten years old sitting in on dad’s business meetings at the kitchen table. We listened and learned, even at a young age. I spent four years at Iowa State before returning to the farm.

How I keep up to speed with modern agriculture

Our grandpa always said you don’t need to know everything, but know a little bit about everything. I try to read every day. I can’t read every article, but I try to stay informed.

My business approach

Every decision we make is not just about our business now, but how it affects the next generation. We aren’t risk-averse, but we do whatever is needed to stay in the black.

Our vision for the operation

The goal for our farming operation is to pass it on to the next generation. We want to keep it sustainable, make a comfortable living, and pass the farm onto our kids if they want to take the opportunity.

What I enjoy most about farming

I like new challenges. Farm finance is like solving a puzzle every day when I get up. I like deciding what’s most important for me to do.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

Our financial officer was our dad’s financial officer. He helped us transition the operation and then took us on as customers in 2002. FCSAmerica helped us get on our feet. They are a business partner we chose to be on our team. Anybody we choose to be on our team we feel is the best. They are great people, very friendly to work with.

Managing Through Market Challenges

The grain market downturn poses a lot of challenges for producers like Matt and Andy of Nemaha, Iowa, who are working with FCSAmerica to weather the tight times by maximizing efficiencies and staying diversified.


Hurd-GrowingOperationGrowing The Operation

Growing a grain and livestock operation doesn’t always mean expansion or new machinery. To Matt and Andy Hurd of Nemaha, Iowa, growth sometimes comprises paying down debt or diversifying a new way.


Hurd-GettingStarted2Getting Started With FCSAmerica

Succession planning and financing land and equipment were major priorities for Matt and Andy when they began working with FCSAmerica in 2002. 


Hurd-DigitalToolsFCSAmerica’s Digital Tools Help Us Make Decisions

Farm Credit Services of America’s digital tools help Matt and Andy make critical decisions on their operation. 


Hurd-PeopleFCSAmerica’s People Are Second To None

Working with FCSAmerica has been a gratifying experience for Andy, Nemaha, Iowa, grain and cattle producer. Today, he says his local FCSAmerica office is on the short list of contacts whenever he’s making a big business decision.