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Adam & Taylor
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South Dakota
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Why I chose agriculture as a career

Around my senior year in high school, I started thinking about what I wanted to do. I had always wanted to be involved in farming. I just wasn’t sure how to do it and whether it would be financially feasible to come back to the home operation, at least right away. So I went to college, and around my junior year, the opportunity arose and I was able to come back and have my own entity, and work for the home operation I love and know so well.

My greatest future challenge

I see a lot of challenges in commodity prices and managing all the ups and downs. I will focus on the variables that I can control, and hopefully the unknowns will fall into place in a way that I can manage risk successfully.

Why I work with FCSAmerica

I feel it’s important to work with a financial team that knows my operation inside and out, know when our busy times of the year are and know how we spend our time and money at different times of the year. It’s very important that they know my specific operation because every farm is different. Within Farm Credit, they’ve got a great team and they know exactly what I need.

FCSAmerica’s role in my operation’s future

Farm Credit will help with our generational transfer process. It’s already happened, with my financial officer and crop insurance consultant helping answer questions I have with my specific finances and coverage levels. There’s no better example than someone who’s already been successful in doing it themselves, and I have a lot of good guidance from both FCSAmerica and my father to help me take advantage of every opportunity I can.

It was an eye-opening experience

Farm Credit helped Laron and his son, Adam, finance a custom nursery. “I hit the ground running,” Adam says.

Adam & Taylor - exactly what you needThey know exactly what you need

Adam likes how his Farm Credit team works together. “I get calls just to see how I’m doing.”