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Grain Producer
Elgin, NE
Customer since 2001

Why I chose agriculture

My uncle and my dad helped me get started. Dad got sick and that’s what brought me back to the farm. As a family, we work really well together. We’re all team players. We make it fun.

The future of agriculture

I think there’s way more opportunity today for young producers, and you see a lot of young producers our age coming back. The opportunity in agriculture is there if you can get your name out there and be active.

How we make decisions

We sit down with everyone including our FCSAmerica financial and crop insurance officers. We need to continue to put better plans together, especially as we expand.

The future of our operation

We’re very confident in expanding. We’re aware times could get leaner, and we need to plan for that – really hone in on our positives, find our weaknesses and become more efficient. We feel we’re very efficient today, equipment- and input-wise, but there is always room for improvement.

Working with the right team

We challenge everybody on our team and it’s something we need to do more of down the road. We challenge our financial officer and our grain broker all the time. We always talk openly whenever something comes up that may better our operation. I think it really helps our operation to keep everybody on the same page.

Why we work with FCSAmerica

We’re on the same page as our financial officer and that is really important. He knows how we think, we talk to him a lot, and we respect what he says. It’s a good relationship. We’re very fortunate to have a financial officer who understands futures and has a farm background. It just clicks.

The Right Team to Grow a Farm

Brothers Aaron, John and Matt rely on a team of stakeholders to help manage and grow their farm. That team includes their FCSAmerica financial officer, who helps them evaluate risk and other key factors when making big decisions.

Anderson-ConfidenceConfidence in their FCSAmerica Financial Officer

Aaron, John and Matt all entered their family operation at different times and under different circumstances. Their FCSAmerica financial officer worked with them to integrate each brother into the operation, and today, the brothers say the chemistry established early on remains critical to their success.


Anderson-ConfidenceThe Pressure of Buying Land

Buying high-priced farmland is a major investment into a growing operation, and Aaron says the pressure of that process was eased by working with an FCSAmerica financial officer.


Anderson-Supercycles2Managing Through Farm ‘Supercycles’

The recent boom in ag prices helped position the brothers to grow their operation. Though the cycle has turned, being on the same page with their FCSAmerica financial officer has helped weather the downturn, Aaron says.


Anderson-BuyingLand2Using New Tools to Get Ahead

Technology is important to growing a farm operation, and that doesn’t end with new machinery. Financial technology like FCSAmerica’s digital tools helps position producers like the brothers to expand their operation when the time is right.