As a financial cooperative, our
customer-owners have a voice
in what we do. Explore profiles
of farmers and ranchers who
make up the Association.


Customer Profiles

Meet Dave & Ann

Dairy Producers
Strawberry Point, IA
Customers since 1980

"They understand farming and the reality that not every year is a good year. They are forward-looking and work with us to achieve our long-term goals.”

Meet Matt

Grain & Cattle Producer
Beatrice, NE
Customers since 2008

"I decided to work with FCSAmerica because they offer competitive rates and they are a one-stop shop for farmers.”

Meet Greg and Polly

Grain and Fresh Produce Growers
Boone, IA
Customers since mid 1980s

"I believe each operation has to find its niche. With our rich ground and relatively good markets, we chose to get into fresh produce and it turned out to be a good idea.”

Meet Henry

Merschman Fertilizer
West Point, IA
Customers since 1995

"I enjoy doing business with people who share our values. It’s also fun to see the impact of the decisions we make.”

Meet Joe

Merschman Seed
West Point, IA
Customers since 1995

"Just like us, they are all ag. We really like the perspective they bring and the ability to benchmark the ag economy.”

Meet John

Merschman Seed & Merschman Fertilizer
West Point, IA
Customers since 1995

"They treat us like we are their only customer; they respond so quickly.”

Meet Matthew and Kayla

Grain and Swine Producers
Newell, IA
Customers since 2007

"Being efficient is a major goal, and the devil is in the details. I want to do a better job with annual budgeting, with tracking things like machinery maintenance and labor costs.”

Meet Matt & Wendy

Grain & Beef Producers
Newell, IA
Customers since 2002

"FCSAmerica is a family type of place. Our financial officer was our dad’s financial officer. He helped us transition the operation.”

Meet Matt

Grain Producer
Elgin, NE
Customers since 2010

"We know it can be a challenge to bring new people into the operation successfully, but we’re committed to doing it.”

Meet Lucas & Kari

Dairy & Grain Producers
Wolsey, SD
Customers since 2011

"Their customer service is outstanding. They discuss new ideas with us and help us figure out how to grow.”

Meet Blake and Nicole

Beef Producers, Performance Horses and Hunting Outfitters
Douglas, WY
Customers since 2006

"When we approach them with a new idea, they don’t sit there scratching their heads. They are totally focused on agriculture so they’re up to speed on new trends.”

Meet Mitch and Karen

Crop and Cattle Producers
Manderson, WY
Customers since 2004

"As we've grown our operation, they've always been there for us.”


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