As a financial cooperative, our
customer-owners have a voice
in what we do. Explore profiles
of farmers and ranchers who
make up the Association.


Customer Profiles

Meet Josh and Raenell

Livestock Producers
Hulett, WY
Customers since 2016

"It’s exciting that it’s our time to figure out how to keep the vision of our operation going for the next generation.”

Meet Don

Dairy Producer
Strawberry Point, IA
Customers since early 2000s

"We want to continue to grow by advancing our use of technology and making better decisions by monitoring and analyzing data over time.”

Meet Matt and Michelle

Dairy Producers
Strawberry Point, IA
Customers since 2007

"I like implementing new techniques and equipment that improve our farm practices. I enjoy being my own boss and the freedom that entails.”

Meet Marv and Joy

Dairy and Grain Producers
Volga, SD
Customers since 1987

"We’re very pleased that the next generation and the one after that have so much interest in production agriculture. Our industry will be in good hands.”

Meet Max and Theresa

Wine Producers
Lexington, NE
Customers since 2002

"We believe Farm Credit has gone above and beyond the expected to understand our business.”

Meet James and Trish

Grain and Beef Producers
Toledo, IA
Customers since 2010

"FCSAmerica is easy to work with. I like that they specialize in agriculture.”

Meet Aaron

Grain Producer
Elgin, NE
Customers since 2001

"We’re very confident in expanding. We’re aware times could get leaner, and we need to plan for that – really hone in on our positives, find our weaknesses and become more efficient.”

customer profile Bob and Vicki IA thumbnail
Meet Bob and Vicki

Grain and Beef Producers
Bernard, IA
Customers since 2002

"Success means we’ve grown as a family and as a couple in all the achievements we’ve made. We never thought from where we started that we would get what we have now.”

Meet Mike and Connie

Grain and Beef Producers
Kaycee, WY
Customers since 1985

"I like that FCSAmerica is a cooperative and that their business is producer-driven. Your vote counts no matter how big or small of an operator you are.”

Meet Russell and Janet

Dairy and Grain Producers
Wolsey, SD
Customers since 2011

"It’s difficult to figure out the big picture and have a clear vision of what’s ahead. We’re always evaluating when and how to purchase big ticket items.”

Meet Jeff and Maggie

Grain and Pork Producers
Toledo, IA
Customers since 2002

"I chose to work with FCSAmerica because they have good rates, good service and they understand agriculture. They are more like a partner – not just a lender.”

Meet Dan and Jamie

Dairy Producers
Strawberry Point, IA
Customers since 2015

"I believe in taking calculated risks. My first priority in taking risks or spending our hard earned income is to increase the welfare and comfort of our cows.”


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