As a financial cooperative, our
customer-owners have a voice
in what we do. Explore profiles
of farmers and ranchers who
make up the Association.


Customer Profiles

Meet Douglas

Grain & Livestock Producer
Ocheyedan, IA
Customers since 1984

"Their service is great and they are wonderful people to work with. They understand agriculture and our working environment.”

Meet Joel & Dianne

Grain & Livestock Producers
Clear Lake, SD
Customers since 1998

"We look at our operation as a business, and if you're not growing, you're standing still.”

Meet Jeremy & Angie

Grain & Livestock Producers
Manilla, IA
Customers since 2012

"We're always looking at ways to improve our operation. Farm Credit brings us new ideas of what we can do better to increase our bottom line.”

Meet Kurt & Richele

Grain & Poultry Producers
Bertrand, NE
Customers since 2001

"It’s not about selling us their products and services. They care about doing better for our farm and us as a family.”

Meet Mark & Mauna

Grain & Beef Producers
Lingle, WY
Customers since 1981

"When you’re in the business of agriculture, you need an agricultural-based lender. No one can match the kind of services, dividends and interest rates I get from Farm Credit.”

Meet Matt & Jo

Grain & Beef Producers
Hay Springs, NE
Customers since 1977

"FCSAmerica is part of our family. We have developed a real relationship with them. We know they’re working for us because when they succeed, we succeed.”

Meet Adam & Taylor

Grain & Pork Producers
Clear Lake, SD
Customers since 2013

"It's important for me to work with a financial team that knows my operation inside and out. Farm Credit knows exactly what I need.”

Meet Jesse & Andrea

Grain & Beef Producers
Highmore, SD
Customers since 2008

"Farm Credit is always there for me, leading the way to new and improved ways of managing my business and operation.”

Meet Paul & Lisa

Grain & Livestock Producers
Clear Lake, SD
Customers since 1998

"We like the idea that as a customer-owner, we get a cash-back dividend. If there is profit in their business, then we share in it.”

Meet Ron & Lori

Grain & Beef Producers
Bellevue, IA
Customers since 1996

"Our operation has improved because of FCSAmerica’s team effort. We feel comfortable doing business with them because they are very knowledgeable.”

Meet Heath

Grain & Livestock Producer
Inwood, IA
Customers since 2013

"Our plans include growing our livestock operation and adding crop acres. FCSAmerica is playing a critical role in supporting the future of our operation.”

Meet John & Jana

Grain & Beef Producers
Cushing, IA
Customers since 1993

"We’ve always tried to be diversified. Anyone can make money, but you have to be smart to hang onto it.”


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