As a financial cooperative, our
customer-owners have a voice
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Customer Profiles

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Meet Sheridan

Livestock Producer
Leiter, WY
Customers since 2014

"I enjoy ranching because there is always something new to look forward to. It’s a lot of hard work and long hours but you have a new challenge every day.”

Meet Tyler & Lindsey

Grain Producers
Corona, SD
Customers since 2015

"Since we started working with Farm Credit, I feel like we are better informed. They really complement our business and help us make better decisions.”

Meet Eric and Kelli

Grain & Beef Producers
Columbus Junction, IA
Customers since 2001

"Having the tools from FCSAmerica to monitor and manage our operation is key to our farm taking the next step forward.”

Meet Marty & Tina

Livestock Producers
Rozet, WY
Customers since 2001

"Every season brings something different. We don’t work on a calendar year but we’re always working as a family.”

Meet Steve & Julie

Grain & Beef Producers
Murray, IA
Customers since 2003

"We felt that FCSAmerica would be the right fit for us, and it has sure proven to be true.”

Meet Greg & Mollie

Grain Producers
Elsie, NE
Customers since 2009

"There is nothing better than the people and services Farm Credit offers.”

Meet Justin & Kendra

Grain & Beef Producers
Madison, SD
Customers since 2012

"Farm Credit has helped improve my business because they’ve given me tools to help me succeed.”

Meet Jens & Erica

Grain & Pork Producers
Milford, IA
Customers since 2005

"I’ve made a transition from focusing on production to asking the harder questions on the business side thanks to Farm Credit.”

Meet John and Melanie

Grain & Livestock Producers
Fairview, SD
Customers since 1991

"In our operation the cattle come first, crops are second but above all is my family.”

Meet Vance & Ronda

Grain & Livestock Producers
Elsie, NE
Customers since 2019

"Working with Farm Credit has given me more freedom to do the things that I feel are right for my operation instead of a cookie cutter approach.”

Meet Michael and Katie

Grain & Livestock Producers
Harcourt, IA
Customers since 2015

"What I enjoy most about farming is the freedom. Being your own boss, you control your destiny.”

Meet Dan & Denae

Grain Producers
Phillips, NE
Customers since 2002

"Growth is always nice, but it’s also important to make good use of what you have and implement new practices to improve efficiency.”


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