As a financial cooperative, our
customer-owners have a voice
in what we do. Explore profiles
of farmers and ranchers who
make up the Association.


Customer Profiles

Meet Jim and Rita

Grain and Cattle Producers
North Loup, NE
Customers since 2005

"We like the way they do business - they give us a line of credit and let us farm. Their interest rates are attractive and we’ve gotten some pretty nice cash-back dividend checks.”

Meet Rhonda

Wheat and Corn Producer
Quinn, SD
Customers since 1997

"What I like about FCSAmerica is that they understand our operation. The people we work with are personable, too. We have a good relationship.”

Meet Reo and Katy

Beef Producers
Kaycee, WY
Customers since 2008

"I’m progressive. I like things to work well and be efficient. If something we’re doing isn’t working, we try something different.”

Meet Bill and Sheryl

Grain and Livestock Producers
Toledo, IA
Customers since 1994

"We manage the farm with a long-term mindset that will offer our kids and grandkids the opportunity to continue farming.”

Meet Jim

Timber and Cattle Producer
Spearfish, SD
Customers since 1997

"When we work with a lender, we want more than just a loan. We want them involved as a partner on our professional advisory team. That’s what I get with FCSAmerica.”

Meet Jason and Jacklyn

Grain Producers
Davis, SD
Customers since 2004

"We continue working with FCSAmerica because of the personal relationships we've developed. They know agriculture and keep us informed on a regular basis.”

Meet Riley and Kristine

Grain and Swine Producers
Forest City, IA
Customers since 1987

"From competitive interest rates to the cash-back dividends, the services FCSAmerica offer help me succeed on my farm.”

Meet Bryce and Leann

Grain Producers
Manderson, WY
Customers since 2011

"It's tough to get started as a young farmer. You have to have a good teammate. That's why I chose to work with Farm Credit.”

Meet Bob and Marilyn

Grain and Beef Producers
Cushing, IA
Customers since 1962

"They even bring us lunch when we’re combining. They’re good people, good organization.”

Meet Todd and April

Grain and Swine Producers
Forest City, IA
Customers since 2002

"FCSAmerica has always stood behind us. They know agriculture and they trust us to make the right decisions for our farm.”

Meet Chad and Trent (brothers)

Grain Producers
Oakville, IA
Customers since 2002

"We’ve never considered a career in anything else. Farming is what we’ve always hoped to do.”

Meet Garrett

Beef Producers, Performance Horses and Hunting Outfitters
Douglas, WY
Customers since 2003

"They are the one lender who truly understands how ranching works – the ability to make annual payments is just huge for us.”


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